Daily Cybersecurity News - 17.07.23

Here’s your daily dose of cybersecurity for 17th July 2023.

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Daily Cybersecurity News
Here’s your daily dose of cybersecurity for 17.07.23
  1. Cybercriminals Exploit Microsoft Word Vulnerabilities to Deploy LokiBot Malware. Microsoft Word documents exploiting known remote code execution flaws are being used as phishing lures to drop malware called LokiBot on compromised systems. "LokiBot, also known as Loki PWS, has been a well-known information-stealing Trojan active since 2015," Fortinet FortiGuard Labs researcher Cara Lin said. Read the article here : https://ofofo.news/newsblog/?title=Cybercriminals-Exploit-Microsoft-Word-Vulnerabilities-to-Deploy-LokiBot-Malware&id=118664b9-97c3-496e-ada4-008434eee5ae Youtube : https://youtube.com/shorts/wbAHJTUyHFU Twitter : https://twitter.com/tryofofo/status/1681723614956011533 Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cu4wQMkPkaR/ Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/securityupdates/comments/1541ac7/cybercriminals_exploit_microsoft_word/
  1. CERT-UA Uncovers Gamaredon's Rapid Data Exfiltration Tactics Following Initial Compromise. The Russia-linked threat actor known as Gamaredon has been observed conducting data exfiltration activities within an hour of the initial compromise. "As a vector of primary compromise, for the most part, emails and messages in messengers (Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal) are used, in most cases, using previously compromised accounts," the Computer Emergency Response Team of Ukraine (CERT-UA) said. Read the article here : https://ofofo.news/newsblog/?title=CERT-UA-Uncovers-Gamaredon-s-Rapid-Data-Exfiltration-Tactics-Following-Initial-Compromise&id=43a200ef-3c85-4ed8-9fb4-ae219d3b1240 Youtube : https://youtube.com/shorts/BnErcJp-xIY Twitter : https://twitter.com/tryofofo/status/1681723620601602048 Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cu4wq7QPKWS/ Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/securityupdates/comments/1541c4q/certua_uncovers_gamaredons_rapid_data/
  1. Insider Risk Management Starts With SaaS Security. Insider Risk Management starts with SAAS Security. Insider risk Management. IRM plays an important role in cybersecurity. It addresses potential threats posed by individuals within an organization who have access to sensitive data, systems or resources. A new guide by Wing Security provides a fresh perspective on tackling these threats. Insider threats can be classified into two main categories malicious insiders and negligent insiders. Malicious insiders intentionally seek to exploit vulnerabilities or cause harm to an organization's information assets. Their motivations might include financial gain, revenge or personal ideology. Negligent insiders, on the other hand, unintentionally compromise security through careless actions or lack of awareness about cybersecurity best practices. Read the article here : https://ofofo.news/newsblog/?title=Insider-Risk-Management-Starts-With-SaaS-Security&id=dc34ef2d-95ab-4b2e-b459-3162d33f2696 Youtube : https://youtube.com/shorts/qah8ZRo6SSM Twitter : https://twitter.com/tryofofo/status/1681723625651486740 Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cu4w_MwutLo/ Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/securityupdates/comments/1541div/insider_risk_management_starts_with_saas_security/
  1. Why CFOs & CISOs Must Collaborate to Strengthen and Protect Organizations in a Recession. Why CFO's and CISO's must collaborate to strengthen and protect organizations in a recession. Cyber threats are intensifying and budgets are being scrutinized. Now more than ever, security and finance professionals need to align on cybersecurity strategies. Some economists predict that we could face soon a global recession. Looking at history, this does not bode well for preventing cyber crime. Some evidence shows that in economic downturns, cybercrime may increase as people turn to illegal activities to make money. During the 2008-2009 Global Financial Crisis and subsequent recession, researchers noted that cybercrime rates increased dramatically. Their report focused exclusively on financial cybercrime, including identity theft. It attributed this rise to the proliferation of new technologies around the world. This dramatically increased the number of people with I.T. skills. Read the article here : https://ofofo.news/newsblog/?title=Why-CFOs-CISOs-Must-Collaborate-to-Strengthen-and-Protect-Organizations-in-a-Recession&id=5d4c4d06-12e9-472d-ac7b-a700211fe45e Youtube : https://youtube.com/shorts/ufPzlzOUTko Twitter : https://twitter.com/tryofofo/status/1681723629925543936 Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cu4xPpRMlQt/ Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/securityupdates/comments/1541f32/why_cfos_cisos_must_collaborate_to_strengthen_and/
  1. Malicious USB drive targeting global targets with Sogu and Snowydrive malware. Cyberattacks using infected USB infection drives as an initial access vector have witnessed a three fold increase in the first half of 2023. That's according to new findings from Mandiant which detailed two such campaigns Sogu and Snowydrive targeting both public and private sector entities across the world. Read the article here : https://ofofo.news/newsblog/?title=Malicious-USB-Drives-Targetinging-Global-Targets-with-SOGU-and-SNOWYDRIVE-Malware&id=74ee9c0b-0ad3-4a68-9524-1d404a966b40 Youtube : https://youtube.com/shorts/TKzce4FNEOk Twitter : https://twitter.com/tryofofo/status/1681723634274955265 Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cu4xwhRNTK8/ Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/securityupdates/comments/1541m3d/malicious_usb_drives_targetinging_global_targets/

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Mohan Gandhi Ponnaganti
Mohan Gandhi Ponnaganti

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