SMB Cybersecurity

This category talks about SMB Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Organization Structure and Management Perspective

Optimizing the structure of the security organization and setting up well-defined roles and responsibilities can go a long way in helping businesses achieve a mature security posture.

State of Cybersecurity: SaaS

This article focuses on the security challenges faced by SaaS providers and illustrates common cybersecurity risks and explores various options to maintain cyber resiliency.

Taking your cybersecurity dollar farther

This article discusses the current budget scenario and SMB propensity towards certain security components. It also provides guidance for businesses to maximize their return on security investments.

Cyber Security Practices and Solutions of interest to SMBs

This article explores, in brief, best practices that can be followed in conjunction with cybersecurity products/solutions that SMBs should consider to enhance their security posture.

Are SMBs Thinking Enough About Cybersecurity?

The impact of cyber-attacks on SMBs is damaging to their business and survival. This article provides a preliminary understanding of the importance of cybersecurity and how SMBs can optimally focus their cybersecurity energies.

Why do SMBs Need a Cybersecurity Marketplace?

Cybersecurity has become increasingly vital for SMBs. In this article, we understand how a cybersecurity marketplace can create value for all stakeholders in the ecosystem, including buyers and sellers.