The Labman! Dr. Velumani, the Billionaire founder of Thyrocare - Part 2

In this revealing second part of 'The Labman' series, we delve into the life of Dr. A. Velumani, the brain behind Thyrocare. Uncover the answers to intriguing questions about his favorite drink, his dream meeting, and the influences that shaped his journey. Get inspired by his candid conversation that not only sheds light on his path to becoming a billionaire but also offers valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs and dreamers. Find out why he's fondly known as the Labman and how his story can motivate you to reach your own heights of success.

The Labman! Dr. Velumani, the Billionaire founder of Thyrocare - Part 2
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Dr. Velumani: You know what she said?” I’m the gun and you are the bullet, you wouldn’t throw the bullet with your hand right?” Very very powerful decision taken in my life. My life was put together, and then she supported me in everything. Here’s another punchline - if your spouse trusts you your energy is 10x and if your spouse does not trust you then your energy is point 0.1x. all successful men succeed only because their wives either trusted them believed silently or motivated them. Let me tell you it's not the husband or wife, it is the spouse. Sometimes it happens with a husband who is highly, highly patient and cooperative and doesn't have any ego. I think in life there is nothing known as man is superior or women is superior. One of them has to be superior and the other has to understand. Life is colorful. If you don't agree life is hell. That's very very important. You know for what reason people should go for honeymoon. People should go on honeymoon. to find out who will lead and who will fall. In that one-month period when you get there, you'll see the decision-making in different situations. When faced with different geography then you are going to decide that my husband takes a good decision and my wife is strong in guiding and navigating and then when you come back you take a decision that let her lead and let me support that family is most powerful. This is an important matter. Marriages fail only because you don't acknowledge the speed of one. Both have very good speed then you can’t live together. Both not having any speed can survive. So in my opinion, one of them has to be taller. How much taller is subjective?
Angad Gill: At what point after you had started the company when was the first time your wife said that you did the right thing?
Dr. Velumani: Let me tell you about a point in my life that was worrisome. After three months, there was a long period where after reading 100 samples a day, suddenly it was only seven samples, but it was three consecutive days.
Angad Gill: How did that happen?
Dr. Velumani: During the early stages of our journey, a situation of unrest arose in the city we were operating in, which left my wife and me pondering our options, particularly in terms of healthcare. At that time, our operations were confined to a single city, and my wife expressed concern about what we would do if our current endeavor did not succeed. I responded promptly with a reassuring plan, stating that I held a Ph.D. and could potentially find employment as the principal of a boarding school in picturesque locations like Dehradun, Panchgani, or Ooty. In this hypothetical scenario, my wife would serve as the secretary. This readiness to adapt and find alternative paths rather than succumbing to challenges embodies the power of resilience and forward thinking. As we progressed, we reached significant milestones that marked our growth. We celebrated each milestone fervently, starting from our break-even point of 100 samples a day. Our celebrations continued at every 500 samples per day, culminating in a grand celebration when we hit 5,000 samples a day. Subsequently, we marked milestones every 5,000 samples a day until we reached 100,000 a day, then every 10,000 samples until we reached 200,000 a day. These celebrations were a testament to our unwavering commitment and dedication. In the world of business, growth and success serve as the most potent motivators. The exponential increase in the number of samples processed and the corresponding revenue generated were intrinsic motivators for our team. There was no need for external motivational lectures, as the remarkable numbers spoke volumes. A 25-year journey with a consistent 25% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) reflects the enduring strength and resilience of our endeavor. Indeed, the journey has been marked by various annual growth rates, with some years achieving 35% growth while others at 17%. However, the consistent average over the course of 25 years has remained at an impressive 25% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR). This consistent growth rate underscores the inherent strength and effectiveness of our business model, which has been the driving force behind our sustained success.
Angad Gill: When it comes to individuals or parties who expressed interest in becoming part of the financial success of your business, what were those interactions like?
Dr. Velumani: Today entrepreneurs are celebrated even before their first 1 crore turnover. Entrepreneurs make a lot of noise today. There’s a lot of buss happening. Let me tell you that for the first 17 yeads of my journey, no investor approached me. From 1997 to 2009. In this period there was no one coming to me for investment opportunities as there was no soliciting. No one knew that such a thing as thyrocare existed. Nowadays, you have you do a lot of social media advertising, a lot of print media advertising and investors want to be onboard before it becomes too crowded. Those days it was not like that. The word entrepreneur itself did not exist. These seed capital, venture capital, all these terminologies came now. Back then there was no pitching happening and there was no itching to do the pitching either. So that was a very different serene world. So that’s how the entire environment has completely changed. The first investor in my company was Times of India. Times of India came in and they invested money, then using their money, and an advertisement in their own publication launching one of our wellness packages, the full page advertisement was published and after that a lot of investors lined up. That was back in 2008. 2009 onwards a lot of investors started coming in. Until then there was no need for money. The company was profitable. Not only did we have 25% CAGR year after year for 25 years, all those 25 years, we have 40% profitability. In the entire world, India is cheapest in healthcare, in all of India I was the cheapest and in my balance sheet, I had 40% profit. This is supposed to be seen by people as example of what can be done. Let me tell you, profit should never come from the customers pocket, it should come from floor efficiency. If the profit comes from the customers pocket, you will fall like jet airways. If it comes from floor efficiency, then you will succeed like Indigo. Same industry. So I was fortunate to have a highly optimized floor. If today people ask me what I’m good at, I’ll say that I’m not good at fund raising, I’m not good at power point presentations nor am I good at marketing or strategizing. I am a good communicator and I can market my leadership but I cannot market my product strength, that’s a very different game. But what I am good at is efficient floor. Creating a highly efficient team that optimizes everything for the customer delight without compromise. Man, Machine, Materials and Method are powerful in management. Now in the healthcare industry, especially in diagnostics you don’t need money. Why? Here’s another punchline for you - No one opens the syringe before the customer opens their purse. So the customer is funding. Why would you need money. So growth was the best, profitability was the highest and while the entire industry had 25% HR cost, I had 10% HR cost. It was not because I was underpaying. I was taking freshers and training them into an employee. After 2 or 3 years of working with me, my competitor would take them. That means that they are paying for a man who I was paying less salary. But I have employed 25000 freshers. This is something very important for entrepreneurs to understand. What is the power of freshers? You need to train them, you need to mold them, it takes time. But let me tell you, they will be assets in the long run. It is an organic growth. The guy comes to you first time, you create that culture in him, you create a very powerful journey for him and in life there are 2 things you never forget. First love and first job. They fresher will never forget and as long as you have a good system in place, it will work. So if you ask me for the reason for the success for my business, there are 3. IT, HR and Logistics. IT is something that I never studied in school or college because back in my day there was no computer existing but I have created my own IT solution by myself. Logistics I was the king and in HR I used freshers. I think if you master these 3 aspects, you can succeed in your business ventures.
Angad Gill: So when you were hiring these freshers, what would the interviews be like? What would you ask them?
Dr. Velumani: There were no interviews. Interviews do not guarantee you anything, you know what you can test in an interview? The candidates English or their looks. I did not place importance in any of these attributes. What is important is their attitude, their focus, their ability to work, their discipline. Here’s is how I handled the hiring process. Initial Selection I start by hiring 100 people for 10 positions that I eventually need to fill. This approach ensures that I have a pool of potential candidates to choose from. Internship/Probation I bring them in as interns or on probation during the first month. This initial phase allows you to assess their performance and suitability for the role Elimination: By the end of the first month, I eliminate a significant portion of candidates (around 50%) who either don't reach the office or don't meet your visibility requirements. This step narrows down the candidate pool. Assessing Attitude Over the next quarter (Q1), I further assess the candidates for their attitude. Attitude is crucial, and you can evaluate it relatively quickly. There’s another 50% gone. Final Selection: By the end of this process, I've identified the candidates who not only meet the role's requirements but also possess the right attitude and discipline. These individuals make up the final 10% who are selected for the job. By implementing this multi-step process, ensure that the individuals you hire not only have the necessary skills but also align with your company's values and culture. It's a rigorous and thorough approach that leads to successful long-term hires and contributes to your company's growth and stability. There are people who interview 5 to 6 times for high ranking positions at companies and at the end of it all, they leave because the culture does not match. My company’s CEO, Vice President, General Managers, all have started their first day with me 25 years back. That’s the organic culture and organic growth of the organization. I did it and got it. I don’t think there is anyone else who can plan and do this. Having said this there another reason for me to hire only freshers. In 1978 I finished my degree, I go for interviews in Coimbatore. In every interview, everyone was asking if I had experience. I just finished my exam last month and this month you’re asking me if I have experience? That time itself if one day I start a company, I will only hire freshers. This was a decision I made back in 1978. And so that’s what I did. Here’s another punchline for you - For a job everyone wants experience, but they get only freshers, but for marriage…I didn’t complete it but I’m sure you can see where this is going.
Angad Gill: When you were building the culture in the initial phases of your company and then during the inception when you were hiring people, were there some things that you actively did in order to inculcate some traditions or like, you know, to build some culture within the company?
Dr. Velumani: Let me tell you, be it employees or be it children, they don’t listen, they follow. So don’t preach, practice. 7 AM in the morning I sit in my chair at office until 10 PM at night. So my employees understood that they have to at least come to work on time. And a good number of employees had the culture of not going home until the boss goes home. They were all elevated faster. I had an eye to look at 2 things. 2 things are very important as an employer. First thing is to see if the employee is enjoying their work. How do you so this? If the employee is finishing their work, then they are enjoying. Sometimes even at 3 AM in the morning if they are emailing you about the merits and demerits of of a certain project, then they love the job. They are living and breathing their work. So I identify those who love their job. The second thing I look for is focus. Focus means if he writes a letter the content tells their knowledge and knowledge cannot be faked. Once of twice you can cut and paste, but if you can answer the questions asked then I will know what you don’t know. So when somebody loves their job and they are focused then they grow very fast. As soon as new employees join, 50 people in the room, I go and give a speech. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Thyrocare. I promise you that your salaries will be doubled. Everyone get’s excited and then I say that I can’t promise you how long that will take. It all depends on them. It is the truth. For some within 2 years their salary is doubled and for some in takes 10. And that’s all in their hands. Here’s another punchline - Every organization has underpaid assets and overpaid liabilities. The minute you have assessed the underpaid assets and overpaid liabilities, you correct it every year and you’ll find your organization becomes powerful. HR is a very powerful tool. I’ve also been an employee, I’ve also been unemployed. So because I’ve come from this pyramid of economy from the bottom to the top, no one needs to teach me how to assess a person. Let me tell you if by any chance you promote the wrong person, you will lose 4 assets in the organization. So you need to assess regularly. There is a saying by Vevekananda, no one can stop you from becoming what you deserve foever. You can be resisted for a while but it will work out at the end. I did it for my employes and it happened to me as well. So IT, HR and logistics made me very very powerful.
Angad Gill: Were you personally in touch with all the employees that you had?
Dr. Velumani: I haven't yet disclosed this in our conversation, but I lost my wife. I lost my wife just 50 days before my IPO. And just 50 days before I lost her I came to know that she had stage 4 pancreatic cancer. She was just 55. And since you asked this question, I must tell you here, me and my wife, if we have enjoyed life, it was only life with employees. Not a life with friends or relatives. Even with a 1000 employess, my wife knew all of their first names. At least 500 peoples surnames and at least a 100 peoples middle names, at least 50 peoples spuses name, at least 10 families children names, age and which class they are studying in. So we were having a gala time engaging with our employees. This was a family. We will take with every employee one lunch or dinner without fail every year. Whoever hasn’t had lunch or dinner with me can come to the lead supervisor of event management and everyone is accomodated. Every driver, every pune to VP, there was no differentiation. We used to meet every week once and every month once. It was all happening at different levels. Let me tell you that if you feel that your employee is a part of your family and they feel the same, there’s nothing like it. Literally speaking, people were wondering after exit if Velumani took this decision, but that decision had to be taken. Engaging with employees we used to go on a picnic every year. We used to get drunk without alcohol just by dancing. I used to dance with one of my drivers and it used to make his wife laugh so much. So in that sense, I love being with the bottom of the pyramid. I love the people who work to earn their daily bread. Certain Diwali’s, certain festivals, I would just call and ask where they were and how long it would taken them to make tea. And I would go and have tea with them. I never focused on relatives, I never focused on friends, I focused on my team. To have success in life, you need a good dream and a good team with steam. A team without steam is expenditure. So I could fortunately set those things in place.
Angad Gill: I noticed that you also like to make people laugh.
Dr. Velumani: I must tell you that there is nothing like humor. People come to me because I keep content good and in between a lot of humor. People love it, employees, investors, everyone. I make everyone laugh. Here’s another punchline for you. - Those that win can lose, but those that make others win never lose. Those that eat can die of hunger, but those that feed never die of hunger. Those that laugh can cry, but those that make other laugh could never cry. I think making people laugh is a very very important skill. In fact I tell the youth these days that if you want to find a girl or a boy to marry find out if they can make you laugh and that’s more than enough. At least life will pass away in the humor and the rest can be seen later. My wife loved my humor and I believe that’s the reason that she chased me. She was born and brought up in Mumbai. Me marrying a Mumbai girl would deprive my mother of having a daughter in law from Coimbatore. That is the reason why I initially declined to the proposal. My father in law walked up to me at BARC after I had been there for about an year. He was working as the security officer at BARC. For 4 years I kept refusing the proposal. 1982 I landed in Mumbai, 1983 he came, I refused, 1984 he came, I refused, 1985 he came, I refused, 1986 also he came. 4 years no Father in Law will chase unless and until he had some conviction in him. So I thought to myself that I’ll have a look at the girl. So I went and met her and I didn’t find her interesting initially. I kept my opinions to myself and left back home that day. The next day he came to my home and then I told my land lady, she was a sweet Maharashtrian lady. So I told her, “If uncle comes, please tell him I’m not at home”. 4 times she was able to deal with him. Then he came again a 5th time. That meant he was serious. So I told her that it’s okay, I’ll talk to him. So I made him sit down and I wanted to tell him that it’s not going to work out between me and his daughter. But then I thought to myself that saying such a thing to the father of the girl would be very insulting. So instead I decided to meet her again and try to discourage her instead of telling this gentleman what I was thinking. So I asked him if I could meet her again. He gave me the address to her office on the 14h floor of a high rise in Mumbai and told me that for 1 hour you could meet her. 2 PM I land in her office. for 1 hour I was there. Out of those 60 minutes, I spoke for 55 minutes. There was absolute silence for the next 5 minutes. I thought to myself that I must marry her. There cannot be any other woman in this world who can stay quiet for an entire hour that too in front of a boy that she is likely to marry. I must tell you here, in 55 seconds what I spoke to her in 55 minutes. I don’t have a house, I don’t intend to buy one, I will be a paying guest life long, are you prepared? In my village there is a house but it doesn’t have a toilet. Do you understand? For my parents, I’m the eldest son, you know what kind of responsibility it is? For my siblings, I’m the eldest siblings, they are my responsibility. For our marriage, I don’t have the money. You funding of our marriage, should not be known to your father. Now do you think any sane will agree? So I told here if you still think we should get m married, please tell your father to meet me, otherwise tell him that something is wrong with the boy and we can end the story there. My father in law came to my home after 5 days and I agreed to marry his daughter. After a couple of months of marriage, I asked her what was the reason she was so adamant to get married to me. You know what she said? I’ll never forget her answer. She gave me 2 reasons. The first, that she didn’t want to be the short daughter in a tall family. She wanted to be the tall daughter in a short family. Very impactful statement. The second, she saw through my lies. “I know you’re a story teller, otherwise who will tell that they don’t have anything? You are a Gazetted officer in BARC, what else do I need? You are telling me stories to discourage me.” So that was the power of that woman. We finally got married and the rest is history. So during the IPO, I was devastated that I had to do that alone. It felt like an Everest expedition, there were only 50 meters left and she left my hand. It was the biggest loss I faced in my entire journey. She only made me MsC and PhD. She only made me an entrepreneur and a scientist. She only taught me Hindi and Marathi. She only made me a storyteller. Unfortunately it came to an end abruptly. She left me. Infact those close to me would know that had my wife still been around, I would not have sold my company. She was the power behind my success. Everyone only knows of me, no one knows her, she was never designated as a co founder and a co creator. I still feel guilty about it. Nowadays if I get on stage and if I talk for 1 hour, the last 5 minutes are always saved for her. That is the gratitude I give her in her absence. This story I must narrate because the story about my journey would not be complete without answering the question “Who was the creator of the creator?”. Before she knew how big I have become, she vanished. Today me and my children, if there is any luxury we have to purchase, my children tell me that they can’t do it because they would feel guilty that they couldn’t have enjoyed it with their mother. Please understand that I’m very successful because of frugality. My mother was very frugal. Without any income, without her husband earning anything, she made sure that with what little money she got from rearing the animals on the farm, she made sure that her children were graduates from Madras University and Post Graduates from Mumbai University. I would like to give the credit to all the mothers out there who want the best for their children even at the cost of their own well being. The second was my wife who made sure that from the age of 25 till her last breath, she was very frugal. Had she not been frugal, I would not have seen those 2 Lakhs closing balance in my account and Thryocare would not have been born. The frugality of my wife brought the company to a billion dollar valuation. And I’m very fortunate that my children are even more frugal than my wife. She showed my children the power of frugality. Don’t teach children how to become rich. Team them how to be happy. Money is needed to be happy, I don’t believe in that,. If children can be happy even without money, they will be very powerful.
Angad Gill: but there must be some things that you splurge on occasionally now that you have the money. What are those things? What Car do you drive? Can we start with that?
Dr. Velumani: I did not have a car that was worth more than 10 Lakh Rupees before I was a Chair at Thyrocare. I wanted to set an example for my employees. When TATA announced the introduction of the Nano, I had purchased one back then. All my managers came to my room. “Sir if you drive a Nano, we will be expected to ride a cycle?” I didn’t buy a house, so my employees never had the same pressure on them either. If everyone is equally frugal then it is stressfree. Today I have a Skoda Kodiak. My children have an MG electric. They are happy with that. I am happy with mine. I exited with a 5000 Crore check but we didn’t go all out. I bought a bungalow worth 17 crore, I could’ve easily bought something worth 350 crore next to Antilla as a small Antilla. But we didn’t really feel the need to show off, so I bought a bungalow in Bangalore. I still haven’t travelled in business class. I still travel by economy class. Everytime I travel to cooimbatore, I buy a ticket to a bus for 30-40 minutes to a nearby town and just enjoy life. Recently on one of these trips, an old lady was boarding the bus. She gave him the driver 7 Rupees. The driver said that the journey was going to cost her 15 Rupees, who would give the rest of the money? She pleaded that was the only money she had, her grandson was sick and she really needed to make this journey to meet him. She opened her purse and showed him that she had nothing else with her. The driver halter the bus and asked her to step out of the vehicle. Mind you this is not in the village. He is making her get off between 2 villages. I stood up, I asked her to sit down. I took out a 100 and told her that from now on if anyone old enters the bus who doesn’t have money, please use this money. I went along with that lady to her home. Her grandson was really ill. I had coffee at her home and I also supported them in other ways. This is splurging. You cannot buy emotions. Except that money can buy everything else. I don’t belong to that category of people that display their wealth everywhere in their car, everywhere in their car or everywhere in their home. Sometimes I like to think to myself that my net worth is more than Rajnikanth but he cannot walk in Bengaluru while I can.
Angad Gill: So what do you do now after exiting? You’ve achieved more than most people can.
Dr. Velumani: I think if you don’t have time to ruminate your past, you haven’t succeeded. Why do you think I go and travel in that bus again. I want to see whre I was and where i am. There is a saying in Tamil. It goes as follows - Whichever position you reach, never forget the path that you travelled. I believe that introspection is very important. Otherwise it just feels like after finishing your job you just died on the way back home. It doesn’t feel right. I miss my wife a lot. I told her that at the age of 60 we would hand over the business to our children. We will travel to 100 of the biggest cities in the country and the world for 10 days each. This was our plan, but it didn’t happen. Now I am relaxing, I don’t have the need to work, I don’t need to start any new businesses, I don’t have the need to prove that I am somebody anymore.
Angad Gill: Is the restlessness still there? How do you channel it?
Dr. Velumani: The restlessness is still there. I do listen to people, what their problems are. There is a new punchline here for you - I did a business in diagnosis, now I can diagnose any business. If I sit in front of a team of top management, I ask them to explain to me whatever I ask, I can tell the problem is either the product, pricing, people in the team, or the promoter is the problem, or the kind of logistics and operations that they are doing is the problem. I can almost come down to the diagnosis after spending 2 or 3 hours with them.
Angad Gill: Are you currently investing in any businesses?
Dr. Velumani: No really. Somehow I believe that another 25 crore is not going to make any difference to me. But I do lend my ears to people. If you see, I attend a lot of events, I give a lot of motivational talks on the stage. They a lot of people want to talk with me. Of course I can’t talk to anyone but to a few, I give them my mobile number and email ID. They reach out and connect with me, then I have my team who will ask more details from them and if they are doing 20 Crore or 30 Crore turnover then I will engage. I am an adult doctor, nbot a pediatrician. Because if someone says that i am yet to start a business, please help me then I really can’t do anything per say. So if anyone is doing a good amount of turnover, then I would invest 5-6 hours of my time into them. I don’t want to invest money with them as such. Here’s a big problem that I face. This is a unique problem. This happened to me at the age of 18 or 19. They girls who liked me, I didn’t want to marry them, and whom I liked, they didn’t want to marry. Similarly today, the people who come in with the intention of getting some funding from me, I don’t like them. But the people who I want to invest in, they don’t need any additional funds. So this is how it is. I do invest time. Let me tell you what I enjoy or how I like to splurge on myself. I do to Ooty by car, or I go to Coorg by car. I go to Nepal, I go to many destinations in the western ghats, many destinations in the Himalayas. I go to Sri Lanka which very clearly tells that my love is with nature. Beaches, valleys, meadows, valleys and snow capped mountains. This is where I find my pleasure. I can sit there for hours on end and imagine how small I am in comparison to the land around me. Here’s another punchline for you - Nature cannot be bought, but you don’t need to buy it. You just have to enjoy it. Burn calories, not salaries. So I walk in a day about 10km, whether I’m in Bangalore or Nepal. As I said, I enjoy Nature and to enjoy nature you don’t have to go to exotic places, it’s right in your backyard. There’s no need to go to Maldives when you have Goa right here. If you spend to enjoy, then it is frugality, if you spend to impress your neighbor, it is stupidity. It seems a lot of people spend to impress the people in their lives. You only find peace if you don’t compare yourself to anyone who is richer than me.
Angad Gill: do you frequently dine out?
Dr. Velumani:
Yeah, with my children, sitting and having a meal with them, we enjoy 80% of the time but the rest we head back home arguing unnecessarily. Still that 80% is worth it. So we head out for dinners. I enjoy 3 things that I can call out as an indulgence. The first is Grey Goose Vodka, the Second is Golden Fried Prawns and the third is onion dosas. Fortunately for me, my drivers expenditure per month is my expenditure. I have a few people to help around the house as it is pretty big, but I try not to splurge too much. Success in life is not how much money you make, but rather it is how little money you need. Be frugal and you will enjoy.
Angad Gill: Alright, let’s move on to rapid fire questions. we have a few prepared for you. If you could have dinner with any historical figure, living or dead, who would it be and why?
Dr. Velumani: Rajinikanth if it’s someone who’s alive. Abdul Kalam if it’s someone who’s no more.
Angad Gill: What’s the most unexpected or unusual way you’ve heard of someone improving their health?
Dr. Velumani: Someone who I knew, was in coma for 28 days during COVID. Recently I had dinner with him and it seemed like I was meeting with a man who was reborn. 28 days coma.
Angad Gill: Can you share a Eureka moment in tyour career when you came up with a ground breaking idea or solution?
Dr. Velumani: When I was conducting research at BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Center) to create a reagnet in India for thyroid testing, I not only came up with an Eureka moment, I also ended up resigning my government job. That was my Eureka moment. That’s how Thyrocare came to be.
Angad Gill: What’s a quirky habit or daily routine that you believe contributes to your success?
Dr. Velumani: I believe that discipline is very important for success. 7AM to 11PM is heaven. I believe that this ability to work for long hours has brought me long way. In 25 years that I ran my business, I probably worked how much any one else would’ve worked in a 100 years within those 25 years. I earned what anyone could earn in a 1000 years in those 25 years. So discipline. Persistence. It is everything.
Angad Gill: If you could teleport to any place in the world right now, where would you go and why?
Dr. Velumani: Lake Pokhara in Nepal, is surrounded by vast hills on three sides. It's an incredibly serene and picturesque location. I've been there three times in the past year. If I were to believe that there's somewhere more beautiful, it would be like thinking that someone else’s wife is more beautiful.
Angad Gill: If your life was a movie, what genre would it be and who would you want to play in the?
Dr. Velumani: While Rajinikanth would be an ideal choice, he may be considered too old for the role. There is a movie called "Pad Man" in which Akshay Kumar acted. As for my movie name, it could be "Lab Man."
Angad Gill: Share a guilty pleasure or hobby that helps you unwind and relax from your schedule.
Dr. Velumani: Drinking. I have never consumed alcohol before getting married. I believe it's important to advise the youth not to indulge in drinking before marriage because once you become addicted, it can potentially harm your married life. It's essential to discuss such matters openly with your spouse. Back then my wife would make me my drinks, but now I make my own.
Angad Gill: If you could choose a superpower for day, what would it be and how would you use it?
Dr. Velumani: I would want to bring my wife back for just one more day. I only wish for that. If someone can get me that, I would sign off all my wealth in their name. Nothing else would make me happier. She would get to see how me and her children are living today after all the hard work that we put in. The journey itself, let me explain to you how it is. The population of India was 100 crore when I was born. I came in from the bottom of the pyramid. Today there maybe 100 people who are richer than me. She has seen me for 30 years, from an ordinary man who has now reached this stage in life. We lived in a paying guest accommodation, 5 adults in 250 sqft, all directors of thyrocare. Highly emotional and nostalgic when someone leaves. I don’t think anyone else would understand as much as my wife has understood the journey. Having said that, I’m a man with 2 brother and a sister. They are still around. They also relish the success, they are also a part of the journey. They all believed that I’m a very very powerful leader. If you are not a leader according to your parents, if you are not a leader according to your siblings, if you are not a leader according to your wife and children, then you are not a leader. So I am happy that I could make every stakeholder a part of the journey. Having said that, if you want to become a billionaire, please create 1000 millionaires. This is the formula of success. You cannot win alone. You need to make others win. If you are responsible for their victory then only will you be victorious. You need to create kings if you want to be the Emperor. Otherwise you will only remain a king.
Angad Gill: Is there anything you want to say or share?
Dr. Velumani: I'm delighted that you discovered my presence here recently, and I'm passionate about sharing my energy and insights with others. My goal is to help people understand that success is not just about financial numbers but about self-confidence and patience. Success should be measured by happiness and fulfillment. Before I conclude, I'd like to leave you with some crucial words: Focus, Learn and Enjoy. Remember, if you don't focus, you can't learn; without learning, you won't grow, and if you don't grow, you won't truly enjoy. So, maintain this order: Focus on learning, and with growth, you'll find genuine enjoyment. Many people mistakenly start with enjoyment, so keep this wisdom in mind.
Angad Gill: Sir, thank you. Thank you so much. We really look up to you. A pleasure having you here.

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Mohan Gandhi Ponnaganti
Mohan Gandhi Ponnaganti

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